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What are Voluntastrols?

How do you pronounce Voluntastrols?


What are the ingredients in Voluntastrols? (NZ)

They contain a proprietary blend of specific Citrus bioflavonoids with particular extracts from German Chamomile flower and Theobroma cacao bean, in a vegetarian capsule. They are blended together to provide a unique and powerful synergistic formula.

Where are Voluntastrols made?

For the New Zealand market, they are made in New Zealand, in Australia they are made in Australia and are registered with the Australian TGA, Health Canada and the Taiwanese FDA.

I take prescription medications – can I take Voluntastrols as well?

Voluntastrols contain extracts from everyday foods that do not have contraindications. Prescription medicines may have contraindications and the prescribing doctor or manufacturer should be consulted to determine if the medication is contraindicated with any of the food sources contained in Voluntastrols. If these foods can be consumed whilst on the medication, then so too can the Voluntastrols.

How long do I need to take it?

Best results have been seen with long term/ongoing daily dosing, as the effects are cumulative in the body, especially the brain. The neuro phyto-actives both regulate and modulate acute and chronic inflammation, helping with the effects of brain injury, concussion, headaches, mood, sleep quality, memory and cognition.

Can I take Voluntastrols while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Due to the complexity of determining otherwise, we recommend caution by pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Consult your health care provider or practitioner before starting.

Can I take Voluntastrols with high or low blood pressure?

Research indicates that the botanical extracts in Voluntastrols play a role in lowering blood pressure. Therefore, we recommend caution and monitoring by those with low blood pressure or by those on high blood pressure medication.

I cannot swallow capsules; can I break them open and take as a powder?

Yes, you can open the capsules and take them. They taste very bitter, so try a small amount first to see if it is palatable. The capsule contents can be added to a smoothie. Because Voluntastrols are best taken before food, using a small quantity of smoothie is preferable. If adding with water, they may not dissolve completely, so it will be a bit grainy.

You say take Voluntastrols on an empty stomach why is that?

Absorption of these neuro phyto-actives is considered to be more optimal when taken away from food and or other supplements. When you take them on an empty stomach they are not competing for absorption with other nutrients from foods/supplements. This gives them the best chance to be fully utilised by your body.

It says on the bottle to take in the morning, but my practitioner says to take it at night. What should I do?

We suggest to take Voluntastrols at night if you have had a concussion, or a history of them as they work with the glymphatic system in the brain that helps reduce inflammation and clear cell debris. The glymphatic system is only active at night when you sleep. At times when needed, dosing twice a day (before breakfast and at bedtime) may be suggested for a period of time.

I have just had surgery and had a general anaesthetic. Can Voluntastrols help with the foggy head and headaches I get while recovering?

Because Voluntastrols work with the upregulation of the glymphatic system and modulation of membrane potential of the neurons in the mitochondria of the brain there may be improvements of fatigue and brain fog after general anaesthetic.

Are there any side effects from taking Voluntastrols?

There is the potential for a slight reduction in blood pressure so if you have borderline low blood pressure, or are on medication for high blood pressure, you should monitor it and use caution when first starting.

I have been taking Voluntastrols for 2 months now as I had a concussion. When can I stop taking them?

Voluntastrols work better the longer you take them as they have an accumulative affect in the body. Concussions, if not treated properly, can lead to the development of neurodegeneration, so it is best to keep going with them. Contact your practitioner to help support you during this time of recovery.

How long until I notice a difference in my symptoms?

Results have shown that most people see benefits quite quickly. Often the best results require other supplement support i.e. magnesium, collagen, probiotics, and vagal tone optimization. At times a variation of the daily dosing may be needed, discuss progress with you practitioner.

Can I get Voluntastrols from my diet?

The neuro phyto-actives in Voluntastrols have become largely deficient in the modern food supply due to monocultures, pesticides, fungicides, pre- and post-harvest techniques, and modern processing techniques. Whilst eating a wide range of fresh organic foods is strongly encouraged, the quantity of phyto-actives in commercially available or home grown foods is not at a sufficient or consistent level, nor will it contain the same characteristics as the extracts contained in Voluntastrols.

How does it help with concussion/head injuries?

In the brain there is a part of the lymphatic system called the glymphatic system. This is a very important waste clearance system for metabolic wastes and damaged cells from injuries in the brain. The channels that remove this waste sit on top of veins, but if there is inflammation present these channels are squeezed tight reducing fluid flowing out. Head injuries greatly impair this glymphatic flow and so it is vital to keep this functioning optimally. Supplementation of Voluntastrols supports recovery from brain injury as it may reduce neuro-inflammation and support the effective functioning of the glymphatic system.

I had a lot of concussions when I played sport in my earlier years, is it still beneficial for me to take Voluntastrols now?

Yes, repeated head trauma, even moderate concussions can lead to a development of neurodegeneration if not treated appropriately.

Is it helpful for menopausal symptoms?

When you are menopausal your hormones are out of balance causing a cascade of reactions that ends in inflammation of the body. Voluntastrols may reduce inflammation in the brain which help with the symptoms of migraines, brain fog and fatigue.

Why is supplementation more important as we age?

Modern day environmental exposure to pollutants, combined with major changes in our food supply and lifestyle practices have an impact on our body’s ability to absorb and utilise nutrients. The hypothalamus is a very important part of the brain that links the nervous system with the endocrine system. It is responsible for releasing hormones and maintaining homeostasis (balance) in the whole body. If the hypothalamus, (like all systems of the body), doesn’t receive the correct nutrients it cannot work optimally and will wind down its output to protect itself. These deficiencies can create a misfolding of proteins that are a common presentation in neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Voluntastrols have been shown to be beneficial by providing the body with nutrients that protects the brain from these disorders and help support healthy brain aging.

How does it help with low mood and anxiety?

Chronic inflammation is now increasingly recognised as a risk factor and a key aspect in the progression of mental health disorders. A study done with patients suffering depression showed concentrations of two pro inflammatory markers CRP and IL6 were up by 50%.

How does it help with mental illness?

It decreases and regulates neuro-inflammation associated with mental illness, such as depression, low mood and cognitive decline and supports hippocampal functioning leading to elevated BDNF levels

What is BDNF and how do Voluntastrols help?

Voluntastrols help to activate BDNF, which stands for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor so they can help to support the survival of existing neurons and encouraging new growth and differentiation of neurons. Low levels of BDNF are linked with Alzheimer’s, accelerated aging, poor neural development, neurotransmitter dysfunction, obesity, depression, and cognitive decline.

How does having amalgam fillings affect my health?

The mercury found in amalgam fillings has an effect on brain neurons causing the nerve endings to die back, blocking nutrients from absorbing properly in our bodies. Voluntastrols contain beneficial nutrients to support healthy brain function.

Dosing - how much should I take?

If you have suffered a concussion it is best to take two capsules at night to help with cell debris clearance in the glymphatic system, as is the glymphatic system is only active during sleep. May increase to twice daily (before breakfast and at bedtime) for 4-6 weeks for severe concussion/brain injury.

If you have low mood or anxiety take two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. Increase dose by one capsule at night if a smoker as chemicals in cigarettes upregulate excretion. It is best to seek advice from your practitioner or health care provider to discuss the dose to suit you

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