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Why every women needs Evening Primrose oil

Efamol EPO contains the important fatty acid GLA, we all need GLA, it plays an important role in our body and is required for the normal structure of every single cell membrane and is a key element in the production of prostaglandins which are vital in many body processes, especially in maintaining good hormonal balance! 

Unfortunately, just like Salvestrols, naturally sourced trace amounts of GLA and other essential fatty acids and trace minerals have disappeared or are greatly reduced in our daily diet. GLA (gamma linolenic acid) the active ingredient is found at high concentrations in Efamol Evening Primrose Oil. 

Many studies have shown GLA to be an effective agent to help halt malignant cell growth and metastasis1. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil contains 33% more GLA than similar products, more importantly they contain plant sterols, some of which are important co-factors for Salvestrols, particularly in patients with hormonally influenced cancers, such as breast, cervical and ovarian.