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Salvestrol Information

New Plant-Based Excipient

The newest batch of Salvestrol Platinum has had an excipient change; the main plant based carrier/bulking agent is now Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin powder), a change from the previous excipient, Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry powder).  

Please note that this is not a change to the formula. It is only just a change of excipient.  An excipient is a bulking agent which is used as a carrier for the active ingredients in a nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical medication.

The sources of the actives and the concentration of the lipophilic and hydrophilic salvestrol compounds contained in Salvestrol Platinum remain the same.

Nature’s Defence, the manufacturer of Salvestrols has made the change in order to streamline Salvestrol supply so that one formula can be used worldwide. Cucurbita pepo has been selected as it fits with particularly stringent regulatory requirements of countries such as Canada and the European Union.

Genuine Salvestrol Batch numbers:-

  • Batch 100654  - Expiry 08/20 - Excipient = Vacciuium myrtillus
  • Batch 100659 - Expiry 09/20 - Excipient = Cucurbita pepo  (new formula)
  • Batch 100664 - Expiry 10/20 - Excipient = Cucurbita pepo (new formula)

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