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Salvestrol Information

More about Salvestrols and where they are from

Salvestrols are a Food Supplement and should not interfere with drug therapies unless they specifically restrict the intake of fruit sources. If so, it will be listed on the product label. They are a synergestic blend of extracts from key every day foods.

Salvestrols are referred to as Secondary Plant metabolites, that are produced predominantly at the end of the growth phase or when the fruit/vegetables are ripening on an as and when needed basis. We see see high levels of salvestrols produced at the site of attack in the ripening phase, when attacked by a virus/bacteria or fungus in plants that have not been sprayed with chemicals. The spraying of crops means there is either no attack by fungus/bacteria or minmal attack thus reducing the need for the production of salvetsrols at the site of attack. The production of salvestrols in the plant is as a protection mechanism for the plant, which we borrow in humans. The increased mass cropping and spraying with picking out of season and picking green has resulted in a massive reduction in the natural protection/production of salvestrols in our everyday foods. We know the impact of GMO foods and the use of glyphosates has had a drastic effect on the healing/anti inflammatory properties of general everyday foods in our diets. Even eating organic although a better option, we still have issues with the not ripening on the plant and the natural attack by fungus/bacteria for the production of salvestrols.

It is true that everyday foods, organic or not, do contain some salvestrols - just not in the high concentration we need to support our bodies when in a surge of DNA damage/chronic inflammation

Salvestrol products do not contain naringenin. Naringenin is a compound commonly found in grapefruit which may interact with several CYP enzymes and therefore interfere with some drug therapies.

There are no known contraindications or interactions between Salvestrol and any pharmaceutical medications, we advise checking with a health care provider before starting Salvestrols if on medication which could be a concern.

It is important to note that Salvestrols are not an antioxidant but rather anti inflammatory, offering support during times of chronic inflammation, and have been shown to have anti fungal properties (which is their role in plants) 

For further information or if you are unsure, ask your medical practitioner for advice.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for medical advice and for guidelines as appropriate.


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