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A natural rescue system for the body


Salvacare Biotechnology Limited is the exclusive licensee for SALVESTROL natural products in New Zealand and Australia.  It is a company committed to providing health solutions from the combination of nature with science

The Salvacare Team:

Cheryl Wiggins


I am passionate about "creating wellness naturally". Making a difference, helping our clients work towards being the best they can be, starting with small changes, one step at a time.

David Vousden


I have over 40 years experience in the health industry with a background in biotech pharmaceuticals.

Jenny Bates

Clinical Support

Since being at Salvacare and using their supplements I have seen incredible results. I am so happy to be here and help facilitate the change you want to see in your health.

Karen Cieslik


I’ve always had an interest in Natural Health products and the benefits they provide for the body. I enjoy working alongside the Team at Salvacare with their knowledge and expertise.

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