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Cannabis and Cancer Treatment Concurrent use of cannabinoids greatly decreases the therapeutic value of Salvestrol, therefore significantly reducing the clinical benefits of supplementing.

Salvestrol Platinum

Salvestrol® ingredients, proprietary blend of citrus extracts, (Citrus reticulata/Citrus aurantium) grape seed, (Vitis vinifera) and pumpkin powder (Cucurbita maxima). Capsule shell:  hypromellose.


The newest batch of Salvestrol Platinum has had an excipient change.  Read more here and check batch numbers to confirm authenticity of your salvestrol product.

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A brief description of using Voluntastrols after having a significant stroke.

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Professor Dan Burke on Salvestrols - an interview by OrthoKennis

Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Metabolism Dan Burke has devoted his career to cancer. The causes of cancer, its detection, prevention and treatment have all been major components of his research.

The last decade has focused more and more on nature's defence against cancer. He is interviewed on the subject of Salvestrols by Bolke Koster of the Dutch stichting OrthoKennis.

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